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Artwork for Everyone

You are looking for something new and different in the arts. Does it have to be practical? Do you want an entirely new way of making art?

My Post Modern art involves aesthetics you have never seen before today.

Back in college I challenged myself not to produce figurative or abstract artwork. What does this mean? I wanted to do something very different. Computers offer today’s artist the ability to abstract in two new ways on the macro and micro levels in the work.

What makes this work so different? My choices of subject matter. As a derivatives artist, I do not create parody. Often I create very beautiful art pieces in totally unique ways.

Layered 18 Monet by David Bridburg

Prints come as canvases, photopaper, metal, acrylic and wood. Framing and matting available upon demand. Museum quality materials are used.

Recent 11 by David Bridburg

The leaf inset has one of my versions of Vincent van Gogh’s “Almond Blossoms”. I reuse images I create throughout my works.

Electric Guitar in Orange Red by David Bridburg aka JazzDaBri

The JazzDaBri, aka David Bridburg, Collection is an experiment in marrying minimalist line drawings with abstract forms. The series is playful. There are 21 different musical instruments each coming against 4 different colored backdrops.

The series is for the music studio, the young beginning to play, the music teacher and those who appreciate music.

Music Notes 32 by David Bridburg

The Post Contemporary Collection houses my animal images. Dogs, wolves, a fox, big cats, an ape, the walrus and more….. Why the “Music Notes x” title? It is just a placeholder for the more common thing us artists do in “Untitled x”.

While contemporary art commercializes the subject of a work as an object post contemporary artwork gives life back to the object. This is a social commentary on man.

Contemporary 7 Verspronck

This is now a plastic doll. I guess I can not help myself. I had to go deep. LOL

The Contemporary Collection traces the development of the subject becoming an object as the series progresses.

Thank you to my clients. Those of you who have shopped me more than once, you have helped make my career a reality. Those discovering me for the first time welcome.

I am more committed than ever to the arts. The latest is my entrance into the crypto NFT world. Like so many artists as of late. What I promise you is to do it my own unique way.


David Bridburg

PS, I am not a smoker, but those leaves make for some really cool art.

Each of my images has been registered with the US Copyright Office. My work is not in the Public Domain.