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How To See Abstract Artists For The Beginner

Abstract Artists and Art: Black and White, Definition, Geometric, and Modern

As a beginner wanting to start somewhere in the arts you need to start somewhere. I hope you find my writings an enjoyable read. KISS and create, you can be an interesting abstract artist.

Straight forward disclaimer: by sticking to my story you will get a very good idea of the field of abstract artwork without my making assumptions about other artists.

You have a lot of notions about abstract artists. We are a product of our tools and times. Today in the digital age, I am a Post Modern artist. Creating from the past and present something unique.

Over time modern abstract art before the war became abstract expressionism after WW II. By the 1980s, the thought of mixing figurative and abstractions became intriguing to many artists.

My concepts do not fall in these categories. Using digital tools, I am fulfilling Post Modern art theory. Commonly I mix two or three genres into each piece I create. That mixing of time is my reasoning behind several of my abstract works of art.

Today there is a resurgence of abstract artists who are totally different because of digital tools.

As you look at my artwork realize you are engaged in a very unique experience.

I offer my abstract art and more as posters and canvas prints.

Acknowledgement to Abstract Artists

Just before I begin, I want to give credit to several forerunners of mine. From JMW Turner to Picasso to Pollock to Franz Kline, and many more abstract artists.

I pay homage in all of my work to those who came before me. What I have done is very unique, and truly bordering on very original. I have needed a lot of art history to pave my way.

This article is a sample of my thinking and artwork. Reading this you might be led to believe I am an abstract artist. Abstract art is secondary in my body of work.

Abstract Art Black and White

With black and white images, I swing from the very political to the very roots of my Postmodernism, the use of older masterpieces.

This first work is very political. I am going to be careful in not commenting. You can think about this work.

abstract artists david bridburg
American Intellectual 4 by David Bridburg

Post Pop Art, American Intellectual 4 comes mural sized up to 9 x 4 feet. Smaller sized prints are beautiful and powerful framed. The underlying images in this particular piece are Edward S. Curtis photographs.

My use of the Post Modern theory is becoming immediately evident. What I have done is use a past image to make a new image using digital tools.

“Old hat”, you say. Well in some ways you are right. The difference is early adopters make art as parody. This is serious fine art. The Mona Lisa does not have her skirt hiked up while she is smoking a cigarette.

My artform falls into Post Modern theory, but is out of time. The theory was really established decades ago. So what gives? The digital tools give. My conceptual imagination gives. The past gives. The present gives. This is creative new work.

Much less was actually done with Postmodernism in the visual arts as the theory was conceived. In fact as a genre there was only a philosophy. More recently New York galleries have tried a revisionist sales effort. The conceptual edge I add is fleshed out solely by me.

The philosophy of Postmodernism is very simple. Everything has been done before, using the past, we create something very new. The two prior issues that slowed this genre down were lack of computers and the boldness of prior artists. Derivative artwork was the last taboo in the artworld.

These next two are sister pieces or brother pieces perhaps. A bust of Michelangelo’s “The Statue of David” takes center stage.

Both of these are in my Contemporary Collection. One follows the next. The play is purely abstract. Ideas develop in this collection. The subject becomes an object as we move from work to work. Then the object becomes a minimalist icon.

abstract artists david bridburg
Contemporary 11 Michelangelo by David Bridburg

Of the two, I began with this image below. Realized my artistic prize and created the image above as shown.

abstract artists david bridburg
Contemporary 12 Michelangelo by David Bridburg

What was Michelangelo thinking? Well he was not an abstract artist. It is very unclear that he would be able to see these two works of art. His culture truly long gone did not train him for this moment in time.

For Michelangelo, these two works would probably not be figurative works at all.

Next getting very political. To the heart of our politics today.

This black and white is about being a minority is in a sea of white. I have signed as the artist in black to take sides.

abstract artists david bridburg
Recent32 by DavidBridburg

This piece begs the question, “what are people thinking”? I do not borrow here from other artists. I take the bull by the horns and say what I came to say.

Abstract Art Definition

Making this as simple as possible, abstract art comes from the notion of abstraction. If you have a wool blanket in your family room think of taking just three square inches of it. Then blow up those three inches onto a three foot canvas. The abstract is no longer recognizable as a square from a wool blanket.

There is a work of art in that. Now drop any figurative expressions, and open up a world of creation.

Each design element can be worked anew. Each technique can be worked anew. Abstract Expressionism is developed from there.

You will probably enjoy the next couple of images. They are Neo Cubism. This is where I take Mondrian’s Cubism. Making their being Post Modern, Neo Cubism, and abstract art. Post Modern is often my umbrella term.

Abstract Art Geometric

Mondrian’s Cubism was about geometric balance. These two works pay homage to Mondrian.

Abstract art geometric is its own approach to abstraction. This matters because I shift to other forms of abstraction. In particular modern abstract art works off curves or organic forms.

The spatial relationships are different in each. Both are three dimensional. There is no color theory in Post Modern art. Instead work to work I made up my own color theories. One consistency in my color theories was working in matching tones across a set of colors in a piece of art.

abstract artists david bridburg
Recent 24 by David Bridburg

The signatures in these works are playful. I often took liberties with my art.

abstract artists david bridburg
Recent 25 by David Bridburg

Recent 27 was an experiment. Breaking the plane and forming a composition created a jagged abstract in motion.

Seeing I could have some fun, I called this a self portrait.

abstract art geometric
Recent 27 by David Bridburg

Recent 33 is highly organized, but the creative process was very random. Again the colors are very closely matched for tone. The aesthetic is unified.

abstract art geometric
Recent 33 by David Bridburg

Once again realizing what I have, I create Recent 34 using 33 as my prototype. This is no longer an abstract work of art. The creation is still geometric.

abstract art geometric
Recent 34 by David Bridburg

Reach into the geometric nature of ideas I created the Cross out of layers of bright colors. Never using the same color twice. This experiment is pulled off beautifully, if I do say so myself.

abstract art geometric
Recent 35 by David Bridburg

There are a few more geometric abstracts among my themed collections. I want to close out this section of the article with something fun for you.

Think of some modern Jazz, perhaps Charlie Parker or Miles Davis. Think of a syncopated rhythm.

What has escaped many artists, the rhythm is the underlying. The odd beats of syncopation are a different color.

geometric abstract david bridburg
Oranges by David Bridburg

That is my thinking. I only have a few nuggets to offer you on how other artists think to be fully upfront with you.

Discussion Break

Recent x is a synonym for the word Modern x. I also did this with the words Music Notes x to create an ephemeral concept of being in my Post Contemporary Collection. In many of my other collections, Rustic x artist’s name, Blend x artist’s name, and Inv(erse) Blend x artist’s name…..etc…. are used.

Post Pop Art was placed in my American Intellectual Collection, American Intellectual x is the title placeholder. The relationships of prior great art movements echoed up through modern art movements being mixed together. Again the umbrella genre is Post Modern.

The collections of art on my website, Bridburg.com, are highly organized. I set up working constructs to make art within a collection. Moving the constructs to develop more art within the collection. Then I formulate a new set of constructs for a new collection theme.

Other abstract artists use the title placeholder “untitled x”. As artists in the 1960s and beyond do this they get lost in the shuffle.

Later on transferring abstract art online by the titles “untitled x” becomes very problematic for the computers. Worse yet for the artists, the public can not reliably search for titles beginning as “untitled x”. Many of these artists used very few other titles.

Work lost to time.

While I am not of that generation of artist and can not feel their pain, the situation is untenable for their galleries.

Might as well discuss with you at this point, I am not a gallery artist. My expressions are free of the gatekeepers. I am here communicating directly with you. My goal is your entertainment.

If I am recognized later on that will be nice.

Abstract Art Modern

The height of Modern art was prior to WW II. Amazing to think about the theorizing during that period, Freud to Marx to Einstein. For our purposes let’s begin this with Picasso.

Pablo Picasso understood everything about his times. He was very much an abstract artist. He was not an AbEx artist.

Paying homage to Picasso, I will show you an image of his that inspired me for decades.

woman picasso
Woman by Pablo Picasso

The image is being displayed as fair use and definitely not for sale by me.

Next this is my more modest modern abstract.

abstract art modern david bridburg
Recent 20 by David Bridburg

If the next two colors seem vaguely familiar to you that is because I think Dixie Cups used this color combination. Possibly Dixie’s colors were slightly lighter shades.

The image comes in print sizes up to nine feet as a mural. This American Intellectual image speaks volumes about innovation.

abstract art modern david bridburg
American Intellectual 18 by David Bridburg

Time to get up with the music let your body dance y’all.

Everybody Here is the dome, back with the bass

The jam is live in effect and I don’t waste time

On the mic with a dope rhyme

Jump to the rhythm, jump, jump to the rhythm jump

And I’m here to combine

Beats and lyrics to make your shake your pants

Take a chance, come on and dance

Guys grab a girl, don’t wait, make her twirl

It’s your world and I’m just a squirrel

Tryin’ to get a nut to move your butt

To the dance floor, so yo what’s up

Hands in the air, come on say “yeah”

Everybody over here, everybody over there

The crowd is live and I pursue this groove

Party people in the house Move (let your mind)

Groove (put me on line) Come on let’s sweat, baby

Let the music take control

Let the rhythm move you

Source: LyricFindSongwriters: Frederick Williams / Robert ClivillesGonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) [The 1991 House Dub/Bonus Beats] lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner Chappell Music, Inc, Universal Music Publishing Group, Spirit Music Group, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Royalty Network

With that….

abstract art modern david bridburg
Primitive Sculpture by David Bridburg

Picasso’s modernity begins with African tribal masks. The dance around the fire is deep within all of us.

The dancer can be unveiled. What is underneath no matter how universal is an individual experience.

The breaking away gives way to ritualism in the individual. The person is now out in the sunlight.

abstract art modern david bridburg
Ritual by David Bridburg

With a simple image, I want to tie things together for you. Whale is minimalism. The point of view is ours. The vision should be the greens of nature, but that is long gone. The greens and blacks of the ocean turned to red.

Only our view has been simple.

abstract art modern david bridburg
Whale by David Bridburg


Hopefully my thinking strikes a chord with you. I would like to think we are not alone.

Have I fudged? Do I get to claim these artforms as my own?

Am I original enough?

Many artists going before me were my inspiration. Discussing this with you matters to me.

There are a few moments in my writings where I ask for your support. So far I am not a starving artist. Now is the time to challenge being a struggling artist. LOL

Cheers, Dave Bridburg

Click on any of my images you fancy to see the image sales page on my website (does not apply to the cover image at the top).

Question: Can abstract art say a lot? You might find this article very interesting.