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Creating Dog Paintings Beginners to Experts

4 Crazy Dog Paintings? No, Fido On Mediums We Love Today

Why are we mixed on using newer mediums? Well that is not that clear. You would need to ask us individually. Here I have a few works as a digital photograph, a sculpture, and two digital pieces of my own work. 

These are very happy dog images. Artistic relief from our Covid 19 world.

I only sell my artwork below as posters and canvas prints.

The Photo of Pom 

Instagram is for any of us hackers. The presentation is a very cool professional look. Everyone wants your pet images. Beginner or expert your dog images rule.

Takashi Murakami uses early 1970s flowers with happy faces as his motif. Talk about upbeat. You wont recognize the artist’s work from his street images of Pom his puppy.  Takashi’s Instagram feed has more of this bowzer(not literally the cross breed).

Pom Takashi Murakami

Takashi Murakami has an interesting way of seeing happiness. A very personal need or wish to paint a world others can relate to and enjoy. 

Larger Than Life

Jeff Koons is possible the best known living artist. If you have not heard of him, let me introduce you. Balloon Dog(Red) is a 20 foot statue. Koons rewards your commercial instincts. Now some deride his work for just that. Jeff is an echo chamber always broadening out on his themes. Considered the most collectible of artists(that depends on your wallet), his work is on public display throughout the fine art world. 

Balloon Dog Red Jeff Koons
Balloon Dog Red by Jeff Koons

Jeff’s Balloon Dog(Orange) sold in the fall of 2013 for $58.4 million. Setting a record at that time for a living artist. The stories of Koons’ factory, the artist himself, and his work, are legendary. 

Takashi Murakami and Jeff Koons’ images are not for sale by me. The limited use of their names and the two images fall under fair use.

Dog Paintings Digital

Do you consider my use of digital tools painting? I am not a purist. Of course that is not in anyway meant to rock the boat. Truly. My gut tells me be upfront with you. I love dogs, and I did have to apply my tools to fido.

Fido comes from the Latin “to trust or confide in”. Surely if you can not trust your pup, who can you trust? 

dog paintings red lab dog post contemporary art
Music Notes 6 by David Bridburg

If you love dogs, the reason you tuned in to this blog post, you have to love a lab. I paid a great deal of attention to his eye. You can click on the image for a better view. 

dog paintings rottweiler dog post contemporary art
Music Notes 34 by David Bridburg

You are either a Rottweiler person or you are not. There is no need to convince you, or there is no way to convince you. I have a soft spot in  my heart for these rotts. Again the eye in this is carefully done. This animal is sharp and clear, very confident, an athlete. 

Now this may strike you as different, I keep my animal images in my Post Contemporary Collection.  The collection was developed after my Contemporary Collection, defined as the subject becomes an object. Think of Jeff Koons’ Balloon Dogs. 

This is how I introduce the collection:

“Music notes like life are ephemeral. You can see in my prior Contemporary Collection, I recreate subjects as objects. In this collection, the Post Contemporary Collection, I mix life back into objects. Animals are often objectified and humanized making them a perfect topic.”

David Bridburg, blog author

The modern relationship to fido is somewhere in there. The canine can live much longer in your home than in the wild. We love the pups. 

Addendum: Canine, Wolf, Fox, and Rottweiler

Thank you to two people who know my artwork. Both of them reading this article have said, add more information to read and add your other canine images. Mom insisting I have more to offer my readers. A collector wrote me saying he did not see the wolf print he owned being discussed.

Feeling very encouraged, I am back to update this post. I will leave my simple conclusion at the end unchanged.

The wolf is our first canine

You maybe interested in these two versions of a wolf image. The technique is a unique approach. I won’t give away my small trade secret.

The first state of this image is bright and light.

wolf canine
Music Notes 21 by David Bridburg

He is a handsome looking wolf. You can see his character, happily intent on something in his environment. The dog within is there. Just like the nose and ears.

Your responses are split between these two images. Leaving in the white space artistically is interesting. The structure of the image is that strong.

A second version was warranted because a lush fur is a characteristic of the wolf.

wolf canine
Music Notes 36 by David Bridburg

The single change in added color creates a wolf on the hunt. He is intent on something alright. Like a dog going after a squirrel.

A lone Fox

Taking liberties, I have added an assortment of colors to my fox. You may like this. The fox running through a hedge is a sight we humans truly enjoy. The glimmer of natural freedom.

fox canine
Music Notes 37 by David Bridburg

What is captivating about this image of a fox? You will see it, if I say it.

The fox in your neighborhood never lets you get close. If you are like most of us. This close up has an intensity because of that. You become a part of nature.

My fox has received a very warm response from a lot of people. As the artist, I appreciate that a great deal. We artists are laid bare at times.

Rottweiler is a very special breed

Twenty years ago, a dear old friend introduced me to her Rottweiler. His name was Porkie. A big male rottie, Porkie was a rescue dog. My friend was a dog whisper. The state of Connecticut had placed him with her, saving his life.

Porkie was so angry when she got him. He had been very badly abused. The first week in her home, she said to a mutual friend, “I can not do it”. The second week, she had never had as loyal a dog.

She would say, there is no dog like the Rottweiler. His breed has every job. He is the most versatile dog.

This is the second version of the Rottweiler image.

Rottweiler canine
Music Notes 33 by David Bridburg

Life has its good times and bad. Who am I to tell you that? You are well aware. Porkie passed, and my close friend passed broken hearted two years later. While I grieved at the time, I look back with fond memories.

In his prime, Porkie was one of the greatest athletes I have ever know. Both of them had very big hearts.

That last comment is the real conclusion for me personally. As I said higher up with this update I would not change the original conclusion. With the exception of changing the lead word from “dogs” to “canines”.


Canines as the subject matter of fine art have been around forever. As long as we have been around.  New techniques rejuvenate. 

Click on any image of your fancy to see the image sales page on my website (my art only, does not apply to cover image at the top).

Question: How do contemporary artists love dogs? Let me count the ways. Seriously, the newer mediums are interesting.