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Fine Art of America to Love: Three Upbeat Ideas

How 3 Inspiring Art of America Artists Entertain: Instant Classics

Fine Art of America is a big topic. My goal is to bring you a few current artists. The topic does not need to be heavy. The images can speak for themselves. 

You possibly remember writing a paper to graduate college. Mine was on a few local artists. I had to go out in the field to find and analyze people and work I found interesting. 

Years later, one of those artists, Peter Waite, would be considered a leading artist in Connecticut. Where I live. He inspired me greatly way back then, 1990.

Fine Art in America begins in NYC

“The exhibition was conceived in the spring of 2020 in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As it developed, the parallel epidemic of systemic racism came into sharp and painful focus. Both crises now set the backdrop for the exhibition.”

-The Public Art Fund organization is adding images to “500 JCDecaux bus shelters and more than 1,700 LinkNYC kiosks across all five boroughs”. 

This sample of work by Emily Mae Smith, blew me away. I want to share the image with you. 

Revenge of the Flowers 2020
Emily Mae Smith, Revenge of the Flowers (2020). Courtesy of the artist and Simone Subal Gallery, Perrotin Gallery, Galerie Rodolphe Janssen, and Contemporary Fine Arts Berlin.

Ms Smith takes the liberties of pop culture into a very serious fine art world. The reflection in her subject’s glasses leave me wondering if I am seeing the horizon behind her head. Light and shadow play games with shape and color. Talk about experimenting out on the edge. 

Going Outdoors

Next during Covid 19, particularly the height of infections in NYC,  where could you see artwork? worked on answering just that in March. The closing down left a void for you and me. 

The sculptress I found interesting is Jean-Marie Appriou. She has had outdoor venues (among other places her work inhabits). The subject may be a favorite of yours, horses. 

Jean-Marie’s treatment of her subject is quirky. That is a compliment The scale is super human. If you have worked with horses, the scale may make you feel right at home. 

Something of Mine 

Well, after introducing you to two major artists, I’d like to leave you with a sample of my art. The blue tiled image was German street graffiti in the public domain. The three tiled top images are of “Acts of War”, David Bridburg, 2015, about propaganda leading to war.

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Recent 18 by David Bridburg

Of course my image takes on a life of its own. You wont see the results as graffiti. You can find this artwork at “Recent 18“.


You probably found yourself lightly entertained by these works. Plus you can go deeper, if you choose to go deep into thought. The current art scene embraces the public entertainment sphere. 

Click on any image of your fancy to see the image sales page on my website (my art only, does not apply to cover image at the top).

Question: What current artist’s work do you love? Can I use the word “love”? These three need to be on your radar.

Comments are welcome.

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