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How My Flowers Painting Are Easy To Make

10 Wonderful Flowers Painting Exclusively by David Bridburg

Beginning a new project can be daunting. I understand that. Break things into small pieces. Keep it simple. Put one foot in front of the other.

I did just that. Now some years later I have close to 400 works of art. From beginner to expert these flowers painting went from easy to make to more complex.

My story is very different. So my art is very different. And I do not sit still. The ten works I am about to show you have an interesting story. 

My name is David Bridburg. I am a Post Modern artist. My history includes a birth defect. My problem is an auditory processing disorder. You possibly have a family member or a good friend who has had some learning difficulties. 

The blind man’s other senses are heightened. Well something like that is why I am a visual artist. 

Accidentally falling into the arts in college, I enjoyed being in those classes. Soaking in the lessons like a sponge, I became very demanding of myself. The main professor loved it. 

The lessons were the best. I did not know that at the time. I was given creative tools and no rules.

Now if you look at the fine art world of New York City, we know a lot of it is very impractical. The question arises, if you hang that somehow will it stay on the wall? 

I geared my prints to your needs. Conceptually I had a field day flush with original ideas. Of course original ideas are to varying degrees in each of my works. 

These days I sell my floral design as posters and canvas prints.

These images are based on flowers. As an easy access to the flowers scattered across my website, see my Roses and Flowers Collection.

An Intro to van Gogh 

Flowers paintings, flower painting, Roses and Flowers van Gogh
Blend 16 van Gogh by David Bridburg

You possibly recognize this famous and inspired Roses and Irises by Vincent van Gogh. I love the piece. 

As a Post Modern artist using a painting of flowers, I had to do my thing. To try somehow to modernize the painting and to make it, dare I say, very good? You be the judge. 

Many of you will love this. Most people see my website, and find my art very interesting. That is the point. Going off in a totally new direction is exciting.

I sat in my college classes working on a new path. Graduating in 1990 sometime in 2006 I began to open up that new challenge. 

My ride has been fun. You will see some unexpected things. 

Next Gauguin, and the Unexpected

You may have seen a rose with the petals colored like a rainbow, beautiful and simple. 

This though you have not really seen before, I use 15 Paul Gauguin paintings each cut to fit as a petal. 

“Tis but thy name that is my enemy;
Thou art thyself, though not a Montague.
What’s Montague? …O, be some other name!
What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By Any Other Name would smell as sweet;
So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call’d,
Retain that dear perfection which he owes
Without that title.”(Romeo and Juliet, Act-II, Scene-II, Lines 38-49)

Who can resist a little Shakespeare? 

If you click on this image you land in my “Flowers and Roses Collection”. There are three versions of my “The Rose of Gauguin” that I would like you to view. You can relax and see the entire collection from here over a cup of coffee.

Flowers painting, The Rose of Gauguin
The Rose of Gauguin by David Bridburg

Are you asking for a handle on what I mean by Post Modern? 

The simplest, clearest way to defining postmodernism, everything has been done before. By taking from the past, we create something new. It is a  paradox. We reinvent the present day. 

Approaching Vincent van Gogh

You will notice van Gogh is one of my favorite artists. Reworking his masterpieces is a major driving force behind my work. 

The claim sadly, Vincent van Gogh never sold any of his paintings during his life time. In this, the internet is helping me sell my ideas. Considering my early years in elementary school with an auditory problem, I do not take making and selling my art for granted.

Creating a wide variety of work has been a very good idea for me. I do not know what you will love. Some of the prints people have bought, I thought would never sell. Other things I thought would be popular have never sold. Only you can decide what you see in a work of art. 

flowers paintings,layered van gogh images
Layered 4 van Gogh by David Bridburg

I thought this would sell. Other artists have told me this is very beautiful. A few individuals have told me it is wonderful. Nibbles no bites. 

Regardless, I gain a great deal of satisfaction from creating. In the end, it has been worthwhile.  


The small strangely shaped pieces of abstraction make up the whole. Even when it comes to figurative artworks.

You can comfortably sit back and enjoy these works. That is what I want. This blog is meant to be light reading.

Suffice to say, I will mention “abstraction” because coming from van Gogh’s abstraction to computer pixel abstraction these are my tools. 

As I made art out of masterpieces, I began to use the digital tools to make art without the masterpieces. Some of these new pieces I will include. 

flowers paints, flower painting, abstract tulip
Music Notes 3 by David Bridburg

You can see I do not have a single color palette. Post Modern art does not have a substantial color theory. I just did my own thing. My one guiding principle was to match the tones of each color in a given piece. 

With your interest in flowers, you came to this blog to see more experimental expressions. But a tulip needs to remain a tulip in form.

Abstract Flower 2

Your colorful fluted champagne glass. I get into the essence of a flower, but now there is no genus. 

flower paints, flower painting, abstract flower 2
Abstract Flower 2 by David Bridburg

This small series of three abstracts experiment with loose computer design. Yet the digital tool is so precise.

My first drawing class focused on becoming loose. Moving the arm from the shoulder to form an image. As opposed to the wrist. 

Watching painters from yesteryear and more recent peers, I realized the need for digital work to be loose. 

This becomes a very new aesthetic. Framed and matted, these images are beautiful. 

The Last Twist in the Three 

Green finds a home. We live on a verdant planet. Shades of green in decor change as the decades progress. 

This shade of green is unique, begging the question, “is this from the early 1970s? And flower power?” Well, no this green is unique to the now. 

I am working to entertain you with a new color palette for decor. 

flower paints, abstract flower 3
Abstract Flower 3 by David Bridburg

Let me know how you perceive this image. We each see color differently.

Your feedback is appreciated. People have opened up a world of insight to me over the years.

How Loose Can It Be?

“I tawt I taw a puddy tat. I did, I did” – Tweety the yellow canary.

flowers paintg, flowers in the wind
Flowers in the Wind by David Bridburg

I give you the serendipitous. Pure play, I could not get any looser with a computer image. 

The breeze lifts you, and takes you away. A friend of mine relates to this image as a great stress relief. She looks endlessly at the orange shapes for little furry felines. 

She is really the most humorous friend I have. She hung a 48″ canvas of this images on the wall across from her fireplace. Pre Covid, her friends would stop and say, “is that a cat”, pointing at the center flower?

The response, “only she knows if she is a cat”, with a twinkle in her eyes.

One of her best friends went to my site to buy this image, but bought what I am going to show you next….

Digital Flowers Painting 

You can see in this my brushstrokes. I do paint. The extra control is the color of my negative space, a fancy way of saying the background. 

Using blues can stretch the depth into forever. Like a blue sky going well beyond the horizon. 

flowers painting, red flowers
Red Flowers by David Bridburg

Speaking as Dave, not as the artist, this blue has a hold on me. Digitally choosing colors is not easy. Knowing what I wanted going in, I had no need to pick around in the color swaths.


flowers painting, fragile flowers
Fragile by David Bridburg

“Hold on a minute mister! Those are the same two images”, I can hear you saying that now. 

Yes, I plead guilty to you. LOL

Look more carefully at Fragile, clicking brings up the image view on my sales website. There is an aesthetic quality you can see. The grays are warm.

There is a perceptual vulnerability in this image. A tenderness that reaches for your heart.

And 10  

Apropos, I leave you with this last creation.

flowers paints, roses and irises death life
Life out of Death by David Bridburg

My dad immediately loved this image. Something purposeful about life. For me that was a reward.

I have reworked Vincent van Gogh’s Roses and Irises many times. This image though becomes a much greater statement.

Coming back into edit and give you some of my feedback, dad loved being mentioned in my article. Mom wants to buy “Flowers in the Wind”, with the cats. Mom is a dog person. This entirely surprised me.


You have seen digital ideas transform art. The variety of aesthetics is very broad. 

My ideas are deeply entwined in our culture. If shopping for art you may want new inspiration. The success here is a rebirth, a renewal of art and life. 

There is a peculiar cultural reckoning happening in the fine arts, digital ideas v original paintings. The artworld, like it or not, is reeling from a breakdown in the gallery world. The galleries are at a loss for how to sell digital art.

The approach is for the artist, myself, to take the bull by the horns, tap you on the shoulder and say, “here I am”. The feedback to my articles has been warm and supportive.

Collectors have made some very interesting purchases. A couple in New York City bought “American Intellectual 6” two weeks ago for their living room. The piece is a very abstract statement for racial equality. She totally got it. The print an is an 84″ canvas mural.

What is so interesting about our times, in this digital age, is prints can be made in increments beginning at 8″ ranging up to 108″. The 84″ print fit their space perfectly.

By the way, the American Intellectual Collection is Post Pop artwork. The overarching genre for all of my themed collections is Postmodernism.

I want to leave you with the idea, the feeling, and the perspective that high end fine art is available online by myself and other artists. You can find digital aesthetics that interest you and fit your life style.

Click on any image of your fancy to see the image sales page on my website (does not apply to the cover image at the top).

Question: Has it all been done before? The answers may surprise you.