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The Bare Bones by David Bridburg

My art story goes back to 2006 with a simple notion to become a digital artist. My career launches with self study in 2012. In 2014 my Postmodernism begins to bear fruit.

The bones being laid bare, I do not wish to be a starving artist.

Over the last 6 months I have been creating shopping campaigns. First with Microsoft Shopping, then working on Facebook and Instagram Stores. Followed shortly by Google Shopping now a work midstream.

In the reproduction prints business we depend on Christmas time to generate a very good ROI. Beginning in November my campaign spending will soar.

Knowing the process of creating and managing shopping campaigns I have turned to the job marketplace.

Toptal is my dream employer. But where to start? I am a Google Shopping manager, a Microsoft Shopping manager and Facebook Instagram Store manager. Yes I have a lot to learn. Why work with me? Because I am loving learning about this and creating for these shops.

My experience is as an independent third party seller working with a larger aggregator. This has meant a few workarounds. My feeds have needed special manual approvals. I have both the worm’s eye view and the bird’s eye view of the process.

Toptal’s clients would get the best of service and care from me. I understand I am a work in progress with much to learn. Working with Toptal would be a major opportunity and honor for me.

There is a requirement for this blog post I am having some trouble meeting. Perhaps because I am so new to the field. The requirement that I link to a Toptal page on my specialty. I am unclear on how Toptal classifies my experience. To meet the requirement I will add the link to HIRE FREELANCE BRAND STRATEGISTS. Honestly I need assistance on my job title. In the general careers marketplace there seems to be a loose list of titles.


David Bridburg

Avon, CT

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