Woman with Caravaggio

Instagram Challenge

This is an invitation to my patrons

My art and you

Lillian, above, is the first to enter my challenge. She is not on Instagram. Reading my blog, she decided to offered me a photo to add to my profile. Lillian’s home is very elegant. Lillian, I am grateful for your patronage.

The Instagram Challenge is as follows

Share your home with us. By that I mean, let the public see my artwork hanging in your wonderful living space on Instagram. Include yourself in the photograph.

Use the hashtag #davidbridburg in your Instagram post.

I want to feature the image of your wonderful home on my Instagram profile www.instagram.com/postmodern_journal

The contest reward

If you are interested, and want to know more, contact me directly. I will be handing out a special promotional offer* to collectors for sharing their pictures.

The Instagram Challenge is meant in a friendly spirit to meet collectors and fellow travelers.

Instagram is an important part of my reaching the public. This promotion began recently to involve collectors with my marketing. Your patronage is appreciated.

See you on Instagram.


David Bridburg

*Instagram Challenge Terms

Terms are in common usage for all of my promotions

  • Discounts exclude framing, matting, shipping, handling, and taxes
  • Discounts are not stackable
  • Prices can change without further notice
  • Any special needs or interests, please email me directly. You will hear back from me within two business days. Generally, I will respond within a couple of hours.
  • Promotion Offers are only viable at Bridburg.com
  • Just below is a second method of promotion without sharing on Instagram.

Holiday Season Special $75 Off Your First Purchase

This is a second way to gain a special offer without appearing on Instagram. Simply fill in this Google Form, the promotion code will appear afterwards in the same space as the form.

Holiday Season Special $75 Off Your First Purchase

The information requested is an email address, first name, and two simple survey questions.

The information is limited to use for my email offers during the late fall leading up to the Holiday Season, November 1st through January 15th on a yearly basis.

People responding as Designers may be asked by email about their professional needs.

About the Artist

Artist David Bridburg has an education in the arts from UCONN. Graduating in 1990, David began his career in 2012 with a novel set of ideas. Computer generated conceptual work as a method of fulfilling Post Modern art theory, the artist’s take is very bold and unique.

David Bridburg is an independent self publishing artist. You can find his artwork at Bridburg.com

“FineArtAmerica Corp. timely secure global printing & shipping. Bringing my clients a wonderful shopping experience through Bridburg.com.”

David Bridburg Artist

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